06 April 2011

Recent Khadafi and Libya. Public attacks on the verge of Door If U.S. Intervention

UN Security Council consisting of 15 countries (5 members and 10 Fixed non-permanent members) has decided unanimously to set Moamar Gaddafi as a war criminal because they have accidentally killed by his own people en masse through the power directly or indirectly.
In accordance with the provisions of the International Court of a person charged has committed a crime and the International kiriminal been clearly stated in the International Crimes Act which became the task of the International Court, there are 28 species that enter the category hierarchy of international crimes, one of which is the No.1. Military Agesi; genocide No.2, No.3. Violation of human rights crimes; No.4. Crimes that occur in war ....; No.28. Giving Bribes in a Foreign Country.
In the constellation of the Revolution in Libya where the legitimate president Moamar Khadafi menggunakankan strength in crude and sadistic been fishing the outside world including the International Mahakamah which is actually a himpunanan allied countries in the hegemony stick to their own interests under U.S. control.
Determination of Gaddafi as a war criminal and human rights violation not only discredit Gaddafi and loyal followers but also to raise morale and confidence of the demonstrators, opisisi and troops against the Government. As a result in the escalation of fighting in the Libyan memiiliki 11 Porvinsi, now the fifth province is still in control of the rebel stronghold, including Benghazi where Gaddafi was born.
On the other hand, Gaddafi accused of committing war crimes and human rights is also done on herself and asset freezes on behalf of 6 (six) of his family. All Asset Rp.6 trillion plus worth of securities Rp.2 trillion (total Rp.8 T) is prevented to be brought out of Libya by any means and methods. Not to mention the assets that Gaddafi has been frozen in various world countries are also in the seizure of the International Court of U.S. $ .32 billion.
Mental, character and vision of the revolutionary and the principle of no other Gaddafi in the world, has made him develop a deep-rooted network to the joints of the deepest in tatantan life and state throughout the nation of Libya. What may make, he chose to be iron-handed dictator to show their status and dominance.
As a result, not once Gaddafi faces international pressure, even when Ronald Reagan became U.S. president, he and his country into a month-monthly U.S. air attacks due to not willing to give suspects the U.S. bombing of the Pan-Am flight 103 over Ireland, known as event Lockerbie on December 21, 1988.
Not Gaddafi name if not good at diplomacy, after a long and weary struggle, Libyan relations with the West tide turns and finally before the onset of the revolution-Libya-Libyan relations with the West is actually in better condition.
But why the West did not want to see Libya's Gaddafi to lead again? The answer is two, namely: the first is the indication of Libya maintains al-Qaeda network in the east as far as 1500 km from Tripoli, precisely in the plateau region, which borders Libya, Chad country.
The second reason is to regulate the availability of oil in the Middle East, which has been invited to Libya, including not to compromise in setting world oil prices, so the momentum was used by the West to set the "naughty boy" is.
Is Gaddafi down its moral view of this fact? Sure enough they say, Gaddafi is Gaddafi. There is only one Gaddafi in this world. He was born to be a militant. He muzzle King Idris -1 throne holder and status monorkie Libya last, died at the hands of Gaddafi at the same time change the political map and state development policy into the State Union of Socialist Libyan (Jamahiriya).
Now in a very precarious position when it Khadafi and loyal troops managed to penetrate the shrine of Defense. Based on CNN report dated March 5, 2011 (12:15 pm GMT) reduce their coverage with the headline "Libyan rebels claim victory in Zawiya, gain control 0f RasLanuf."

Strategic city which is only 48 km from Tripoli was originally a symbol of resistance of opisisi and the rebel forces are now entirely controlled by forces loyal to Gaddafi. This position directly integrate Tripoli to Tunisia and sea border Miditerania.
In addition, President Obama with a firm showing the position and attitude to the Libyan government by saying that the U.S. marines who had arrived in Libyan waters will immediately act to protect the people of Libya from the treatment of iron fist and tyranny Gaddafi. Sebanakayk 1200 Marines will do the opening attack to send ground troops and imposed flight ban over Libya on Libyan air force.
Facing this pressure, kecutkah Khadafi? it did not. In fact, Gaddafi said in a speech (2 / 3) that if U.S. forces dared to intervene in his country there is great bloodshed if the U.S. intervened. This is not civil war, says Gaddafi.
Saif al-Islam, one of Gaddafi's son who became a spokesman for Gaddafi's government told CNN reporter Nick Robertson (4 / 3) that this issue is not a problem of civil war but the seizure of power by the opposition and the military rebels, so the U.S. and Western countries is less precise legitimizes Gaddafi (his father) as a war criminal.
Now estimated as many as 6000 people have been killed in the Libyan crisis. Are the U.S. and its allies through legetimasi UN Security Council will intervene? If the U.S. intervened to what purpose and whether it can reduce the loss of life or further increase the loss of life? What U.S. motives and allies who joined in the UN Security Council go directly to Libya, simply performing their duties as ruler of the world (hegemonisme) or to control the oil?
Many factors and political reasons contained in it. Similarly, why Gaddafi took the hard line to maintain their identity despite any reason given to him by the international world. We do not know what and how stories are mistrius this country .. Bertahankah, hancurkah Iraq or become part of the two?
Greetings Kompasiana
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