06 April 2011

Suicide Mission For All Citizens to Save Japan

A row of sad messages sent a worker Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Fukushima Daiichi to his family. The message reads: "We're running a suicide mission. We accept this fate like receiving a death sentence. "
The message is one of the last condition recording Japanese volunteers who are now struggling to save some of the land of the Rising Sun from the threat of nuclear radiation. They worked day and night to cool the remaining nuclear reactors for a nuclear disaster is feared did not happen.
The message was like reminding citizens of the world in hundreds of Japanese kamikaze pilots who are willing to die by crashing their fighter planes into Allied warships during World War II.
The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last week, triggering a new disaster. Nuclear reactor in Fukushima exploded and sent radiation into the surrounding dust. This is a real threat for the whole country.
Amid fears that gripped it, a handful of volunteers who joined in Fukushima 50, fought hard to limit the spread of the disaster. However, rescue efforts could mean suicide, because they work in the middle of the reactor was unstable.
Radiation levels at nuclear center is already past the limit of tolerance and can kill the workers or causing illness in some time to come. Special clothes they wear in the Fukushima Daiichi not functioning optimally to prevent contamination.
Although called Fukhusima 50, in fact this group member 200. They work in four shifts to cool the reactor it. They chose to live, after 700 of their colleagues chose to go as high radiation levels increase.
Their identity was not disclosed in detail, but it is believed, Fukhusima 50 consists of front-line technicians and firefighters who knew very well the condition of NPP.
It is believed also, their age and have offspring. Younger employees were excluded because radiation can make them sterile.
The New York Times revealed that workers are the last group which is maintained at the plant. In the midst of darkness, their flashlight to move capital only. They should monitor the latest developments, such as hydrogen explosion that has occurred many times while looking for a way for nuclear power plants did not join the core device destroyed. Because, if that happens, a fatal result. Radioactive material can be spread on a large scale.
Thus, within two days, they struggled to pump hundreds of gallons of sea water every minute into the reactor to prevent lumernya damaged reactor components.
One member of the Fukushima 50 admitted receiving destiny. "It's like receiving a death sentence," he said.
Other workers have even said goodbye to his wife. "Continue your life well. I can not get at home while, "he said.
The messages are broadcast to the public moving through the Japanese national television. Some members of their families participate were interviewed over the "fate" that must be waged by these volunteers. "My father still works at the NPP. He claimed to accept his destiny, like the death penalty, "said one volunteer family.
One woman even said, her husband chose to be at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, realizing his body has been exposed to high levels of radiation.
Family of other volunteers, said the 59-year-old father volunteered himself in Fukushima Daiichi. "I heard he became a volunteer, and a half years he retired. I continued to cry. At home, it seems he is not a figure that can handle the big task. But today, I was really proud of him. I continue to pray for his safe return, "he said.
Another girl said, "I never saw my mother cry so great."
Through Twitter, she reveals her feelings, "The people at Fukushima nuclear power plant struggled and sacrificed himself to protect you all. Daddy, please come back safely. "
Among Fukushima 50, five people are known to have been killed, two missing and 21 others wounded.
Michiko Otsuki, claimed to have been working in the reactor Fukushma 2, when the tsunami hit. This woman wrote her story on the internet which is then translated The Straits Times.
"When the tsunami alarm rang at three o'clock, we do not know where we were going. We immediately fix the reactor right at this seafront and has been damaged by the tsunami. In desperation we tried to fix. Although tired and hungry, we force ourselves to work. Many of us who do not communicate with his family, but instead have to face this situation and work hard, "he said.
Physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, said on ABC, the situation worsened last few days. "We're talking about workers who are in the reactor, which is likely to be a suicide mission. and we may have to 'abandon ship', "he said.
Michael Friedlander, who worked in nuclear power plants in the U.S. added, these workers are likely to eat like an army rations and drinking cold water to survive. "His condition is very cold, dark and you will seek to avoid contamination during meal time," said Friedlander. (Surya.co.id / roabaca.com)

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